GN switches to Conxion Marketing Platform

I wish we had switched to the platform earlier

Why did you switch to the Conxion Marketing Platform?
“Previously, we used Navision and we had all our marketing materials in stock. It worked well when it was running, but it was hard work when it was not running. Unfortunately, we spent way too much time on integrations, etc. that did not work, and all in all, it was not a setup that just ran by itself. It was extremely resource-demanding and I wish we had switched to the Conxion Marketing Platform much earlier. ” says Linda Christensen, Marketing Coordinator at GN Hearing A / S.

We spent far too much time on logistics, administration and invoicing, and that is neither what we are good at nor interested in. Our hearts beat for marketing, and with the platform, we can spend our time where it makes the most sense and the best results.

“To meet the needs of our markets, we spent a lot of time making manual forecasts. Once we had decided which marketing materials we wanted in stock, we spent a lot of internal resources on making catalogs, which we sent out to the markets. Then we received and processed their orders. ”

That’s really great!

What have you gained from switching to the Conxion Marketing Platform?
“In a large organization like ours, a change of platform is not just something you decide from one day to the next. When I think of all the resources that have been released now, the few resources we have used to switch to the platform are extremely well spent. ”

Marketing materials are part of Marketing Creation’s core business, and now we can spend time developing rather than distributing. That said, in the past we spent way too many resources on logistics, invoicing, and administration, but all that the platform manages now.

“With the platform from Conxion, we can now identify the needs of our markets directly on the platform, and we do not have to spend internal resources on making catalogs. All of it runs via the platform, and it is not something that requires very many resources. We put the ideas into the shop and send an email around to the markets, and then we can see how much demand there is for the different ideas. It’s really beautiful! ”

We will keep up with the times and go digital

How have the markets/departments received the platform
“In relation to our markets, we also had a need to keep up with the times and go digital with a webshop. Most people have been very enthusiastic about the platform and now we have to start holding some training with the users, as the whole way of thinking with production on demand is new. The platform works a lot like a regular webshop, which is an advantage for the users, as it is easy to go to. But the platform itself is much more than just a webshop. ”

Cost vs. resource savings

How has the implementation of the platform been?
“It must be said that during the implementation of the platform we had a number of internal replacements, but despite that I think that the implementation has gone very well.”

We had a good collaboration throughout the process, and the time we have spent implementing the platform is to that extent well spent in relation to the resources that have now been released.

“We pay a fee to use the shop, but the cost is far less than the resources we save now. Especially if we compare with all the challenges we had before. ”

At least our stock has been halved

The platform is based on on-demand purchasing. How much would you say your inventory is reduced?
“I would say that our stock has at least halved, which of course is also due to the times we live in. The production-on-demand mindset was not new to us, but the handling itself was significantly more resource-intensive than now. Previously, we had to do everything manually, but now we can just put the product in the shop and send out a newsletter, and the platform will do the rest. ”

Good chemistry and good results

How is the collaboration with Conxion in general?
“I have been in this position for six years and, during that time we have always worked with Conxion. The collaboration works well and there is a good chemistry between us at GN and the employees at Conxion.
We have always received some good presentations based on our briefings, and the things we have produced have been well received by our markets. The process from briefing to idea presentation and final production, we have always been very satisfied with.

When making productions in China, it is absolutely inevitable that something will go wrong at some point, but here too, Conxion has been very solution-oriented.
It is easy to praise a collaboration when everything goes according to plan, but the reality is that during a collaboration, there will be challenges and I must say that in all situations we have been happy with the collaboration with Conxion. ”

About GN Group

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