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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small data file, which we save on your computer to keep track of what is happening during your visit and to recognise the computer. A cookie is not a programme and does not contain viruses.

The website’s use of cookies

Cookies are necessary to get the website to function. Cookies also helps us to keep track of your visit to the website, so we can constantly optimise and target the website to suit your needs and interests. Cookies remember, for example, what you have added to your basket, whether you have visited the site before, whether you are logged in and which language and currency you would like to have the website in. We may also use cookies to target our advertisers’ ads and optimise sales on the website.

Here is the overview of the website’s use of cookies and our partners in this regard:

Required cookies

These cookies are required in order for the website to provide a service, which the end user has explicitly requested. This could for example, be cookies, which are used to make the shopping basket to work.

  • We use FDIH’s cookie script to find out, to what extent you have been informed about the website’s use of cookies. FDIH stores no data in connection with these cookies.

Preference cookies

These cookies are used to ensure the best possible user experience on the website. It is, for example, selected preferences such as language, currency or selections, which make navigation easier. No personally identifiable data is gathered with this type of cookies.

  • Videos embedded on the site are via YouTube and Vimeo. YouTube and Vimeo uses cookies, for example, to register which video is being displayed and how much of the film you have seen. YouTube and Vimeo cookies are socalled Flash cookies.
  • Our Chat uses cookies to recognize you, in order for us to give you the best support.

How to reject or delete your cookies

Rejecting cookies

You can always reject cookies on your computer by changing the settings in your browser. Where you find the settings depends on which browser you use. However, please be aware that, if you do this, there are many features and services, you cannot use, because they require the website to remember the choices you make.

Deleting cookies

Cookies, which you have previously accepted, can subsequently be deleted easily. If you use a PC with an up to date browser, you can delete your cookies by using shortcut keys: CTRL + SHIFT + Delete. If the shortcut keys do not work, and/or you are using a MAC, you need to start by finding out which browser you use and then clicking on the appropriate link (remember if you are using several browsers, you must delete cookies in all of them):

Questions and complaint instructions

Do you have any questions?

If you have comments or questions relating to our information and/or treatment of personal information, please feel free to contact us on telephone +4555777590 or email

How to make a complaint regarding the website’s information about cookies

The website is part of FDIH’s (Danish E-business Association) cookie trustmark and if you as a user believes that the website does not comply with cookie rules, you can therefore direct your complaint to FDIH.

Before you send your complaint to FDIH, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • You have previously complained directly to the person responsible for the website in question with a detailed description of where and in what respect the website does not comply with Danish instructions.
  • Your complaint has been rejected, or the situation has not been remedied within 30 working days following receipt of the complaint.

If you meet the above requirements, please send your complaint to FDIH on The complaint must include:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your email
  • Your telephone number
  • The website’s www address
  • Detailed description of the contents of the complaint
  • Proof of your prior complaint to the website

FDIH will then deal with your complaint within a reasonable period of time. If the decision is in your favour, the cookie trustmark will be removed from the website.